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Super Mario World is set after the events of Super Mario Bros. 3. Princess Toadstool and the Mario Brothers have gone on a vacation to Dinosaur Land in the game Super Mario World. Mario, Luigi and Toadstool jumped on a hot air balloon to get to the tropical island. Luigi had found a magical Feather on the island that allowed anyone who grabbed it to turn into cape form and fly. Mario and Luigi flew around Dinosaur Land. When they returned, they found Toadstool missing again! Bowser and his children had kidnapped Princess Toadstool along with seven Baby Yoshis and trapped any Yoshis he met in magical eggs. Luigi, Mario, and Yoshi traveled the many different areas of Dinosaur Land in search of the princess. The brothers used Yoshi as their trusty steed throughout their great adventure. After defeating all seven of the Koopalings, Mario and Luigi uncovered Bowser’s secret hideout. Ready for anything, the brothers and Yoshi charged into Bowser’s Castle. After fighting many enemies, the brothers finally confronted Bowser and his Koopa Clown Car. Using the Mecha Koopas that Bowser tossed down at the brothers against him, the Mario brothers were able to defeat Bowser once again and rescue the princess and the seven Yoshi Eggs. Read more: